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To be profoud or notprofound_ : Nova Trindade

25 Nov

ome awesome things are about to happen with art in Trinidad

via To be profoud or notprofound_ : Nova Trindade.


The Pickup

14 Jun

Kai stretched in the car.  Most likely he was working late.  To be fair, she hadn’t even told him that she was picking him up, so she sent him a text.  She also hoped that he had not hooked up with a female co-worker.  That was exactly how Debbie wormed her way into his heart.

To be fair to Debbie, Phil was unstoppable with the ladies.  He was a lovable mix of domestic skills with enough machismo to choke a football team.  He was the tiniest centre to ever grace a basketball court.  She smiled and stretched again.

She had already made up her mind that she was not going to tell him about her ex harassing her.  Even though she initiated the breakup, she still felt like a failure.  And with him harassing her, she felt like if she couldn’t even manage a breakup properly.

Phil hated him.  He often said if any of his women were half of Kai, he would have been a married man.  Kai laughed.  She often wondered what she had done wrong.  After all, it was in her nature to analyse situations to figure out right from wrong.  It was the only way to learn from experience.

In the aftermath of the breakup, she and Phil had become inseparable.  Even Debbie was sympathetic.  As a matter of fact. Debbie wanted to kill him.  Debbie and Phil on the other hand…

Then came a knock on the front passenger side.

“Kai, ‘sup?”

“Nun.  Couldn’t sleep, so I went driving.  When I realised I was close by, I decided to pick you up.”

“Do you want me to drive?”  He was always offering to help her out.

“Nah, I can take you home.”

“Stay the night, okay? Mom cleaned the guest room today.  So you can spend the night.”

“No clothes for work tomorrow.”

“Oh please, between Mom and Debbie, I can probably improve your wardrobe.”

“I don’t dress that bad!”

“Not for a boy.”

And on and on they went.  As a matter of fact, she never got to tell him that her ex was harassing her again.  Around Phil, problems like that didn’t matter.

Copyright © 2012

Symphony of Bodies

8 Jun

An old poem to entertain while I slay the Procrastinator!


Movement I:

Adagio: Slow intro in continuously developing form
Let’s get in tune…
Place your lips against mine
And let us sing a song with no lyrics
In perfect harmony
For where your tongue leads…
Mine joyously follows
Your hands conduct and my body is the instrument of your passion…

Movement II:
Allegro: Fast movement in sonata
Our clothes fly like the notes of a violin
And the bed is too far away
So the floor is our stage
The full moon peeking through the curtain is our spotlight
And on and on we sing,
Now accompanied by trumpets
Me soprano, you baritone.
For apart, we are two voices…
…Together we are one song.

Movement III:
Minuet: Moderately fast movement in two-part forms
The melody of our song with no words
Driven by the unified percussion of our our hearts
And the rhythm intensifies till my entire body arches
To catch even the gentlest tones of the harp
You play with my heart strings and I quiver with each touch…

Movement IV:
Presto: Fast movement in sonata in a tonic or basic key.
Here we maintain a flame so hot it burns our very souls
But our spirits keep the beat up
Turning the heat up
Playing louder,
Harder…Until at the end
It is just the duet of our breaths
Bodies beaded with the sweat of each other
The only jewelery we will need tonight
For this, the grandest performance of our lives.

© Copyright 2008 Nichola Dinnoo

The Observation of Fernando J Max (or) Three Credit Cards

4 Jun

Three credit cards. None of them work.

Grace and I are amused by the… peril, the couple at the counter now face. There seems to be a problem with their cards, they are told. But really, I think they had no money to begin with. Look at his shoes. Look at her zirconium. Look at the poor fools trying to pay for services rendered with a personal check.

Grace giggles softly. “Do you remember?” she asks

“I’ve been trying to forget, actually.”

Why do people feel compelled to live beyond their means? Surely there must be some mom and pops establishment nearby that they could’ve gone to. It wouldn’t be a Honey Pot of course, but… if you can’t buy honey, there’s no harm settling for cane.

Before frequenting here, Grace and I ventured into a cosy little bed and breakfast type. The rates were reasonable. The service was above board. People said, “good morning” and they were actually appreciative of your business. And I never felt the need to slap the hostess… owner… hostess… whatever they’re called now. I digress, but the point is, there are ACTUAL places that afford customers a decent enough menu, based on what they could afford. No need to come here and embarrass oneself. Especially after you have had your belly full. Or is that ‘filled’?

“Fernando, sometimes, people just want to splurge.” Grace whispered through the giggling.

“Yes but splurging first demands savings, darling.” I could tell by Grace’s groaning that I had most definitely entered teacher mode.

“Or it could simply mean throwing care to the wind. And doing what you want.”
“I did throw Care to the wind. She was quite ambidextrous.”

“A gymnast I believe.”

We burst into uncontrollable laughter, causing the entire lobby to turn and stare. The couple seemed to jolt. They wore their shame like badly sewn underwear. I can tell they were still trying to negotiate their way out of this cock up.

“You think they’ll make them do the dishes?” I asked, more to myself that Grace.

“Maybe they’ll do more. She does have a nice figure. He’s not too bad looking either.”

“You want them?”

Grace shot me that look, took the keys from the counter, grabbed her carry on and headed upstairs.

I chuckled at the couple. I couldn’t blame them really. The platter here is excellent. I can see why they would risk the embarrassment.

So I walked on over and with a knowing smile, paid their bill. After all, it seemed the religious thing to do.

By Tracy J Hutchings


4 Jun

He had failed in his mission.  He was supposed to ask Mr. Fernando Max to read his proposal and get his feedback.  So what if he wasn’t Mr. Max’s niche industry?  He just knew that he was the right person to be a part of his new plan.

Nasia nestled closer to him.  Him being awake was messing up her sleep patterns.  He needed to lie down asap.  He woke her up just for her to fall asleep again with her head on his diaphragm.  Having trouble breathing, he was able to eventually manoeuvre her to his shoulder.  She lay curled up and he knew she wasn’t going to budge.

He should have just walked up to him and spoken.  Fernando Max’s arrogance was legendary. But he appreciated boldness. He was quite certain that his ego would have been tickled by the concept of mentoring him

He also knew that his thinking was wrong. He needed the help. And he needed to ask for it. Nasia woke up next to him. She asked him if he spoke to Fernando Max.

“Chickened out. I don’t know what why though.”

“We ‘ll talk to him soon though. Big things are going to happen for you soon babe. ”

And then she fell asleep. Nasia was his perfect woman. He remembered their whirlwind romance.  And he remembered discovering the scars. She looked so badass he didn’t ask for fear that it would turn out to be the worst case scenario. It was months before she would tell him. He would ask for answers and she would leave the room. If he tried to speak to her on the phone, she would hang up.  It was the mitigating factor in moving back home.

It was the abuse.  After the controlling and manipulating, followed by physical assault, it was just the breath of fresh air that she needed.  She was afraid of him though.  It was not knowing where the next blow was coming from that was draining her.

He knew all this now…but so much time was wasted because she didn’t want to insult him.  He remembered kissing the still-raw scars although she could barely feel the kisses.  He remembered the nightmares.  She was a broken woman determined to heal on her own strength.  He was determined that his strength be hers.

It was a rainy Saturday morning when the text came.  He went outside to see her dripping wet outside his front door.  And the sweetest words he ever heard come out of her mouth:

“I need to tell you something.”

Copyright © 2012


18 May

It was a pleasant affair.  The sound of glasses clinking in the air and everyone was air kissing.  Phil didn’t come.  Samantha, disappointed, looked around and then went over to her rental.  She took his arm and smiled.  This one, Don, was good at conversation.  She just hoped that Phil wasn’t with that Kai person.  Kai was a tomboy, for crying out loud.

Don touched her face with the edge of his glass.  The chill brought her back to the room.  He turned back to his conversation.  It was then that she realised that he was speaking to Mrs. Gracie Max.  Her mouth dried up when she realised that she was in the presence of Fashion Royalty.  She felt rather out of place with her twice-worn dress and roadside pearls.

Mrs. Max was clearly sizing up her rental.  She did not want to leave alone tonight.  First Phil, and now Don.  Mrs. Max’s appetite was legendary at the HoneyPot.  However, corporate policy dictated client confidentiality.  She sighed.

“You are cute, but something tells me I have seen you before.  Tell me what you are wearing, darling.”

Now Samantha wished for death.  To enumerate: One, her date was all starry eyed over Mrs. Max.  Two, she knew she had worn that dress in public.  Three, she bought her pearl necklace from a guy who puts together beads on a Saturday morning in the market.  Four, Mrs. Max asked her what she was wearing.

“It is my new favourite dress.  My friend made this for me in class.  I wore it already, but I…”

“You know what tires me about people? Just because I made a killing in the fashion industry doesn’t mean that I am not human.  A great garment becomes a favourite, and you purposefully make sure that you are in a situation to wear it over and over again.  Why should you apologise?  Tell your friend to give me a call sometime.  Just take it off the HoneyPot records.  I would love to put this into production!  Anyhow darlings, let me get back to my husband.  I don’t want to disturb him with that angel he just snagged, but he has a flight to catch.”

Samantha was speechless.

Dominic watched Mr. and Mrs. Max from across the room.  His eyes were on them all day.  He left Nasia with her books at home.  He had his questions for Mr. Max.  For example, how did he become the standard for manliness while looking like a spider monkey and having a wife that publicly called him ‘Fern’?  How did he get someone as fiercely independent as Grace to marry him?  Was marriage worth the effort, or should he remain with medium-term contracts?  Would Mr. Max be so gracious as to look at his proposal for a business venture that needs investors?

Copyright © 2012

The Relationship Contract

30 Apr


We agree to be respectful of each others rights and duly agree to commit to this contract for a period of five (5) years:

1. No incidents of direct physical abuse or violence.

2. No direct or implied threats of physical abuse or violence (to self, other, or property).

3. No direct or implied threats to behave in a way that would be extremely harmful to the other person (such as exposing personal secrets).

4. No physical restrictions on either party’s freedom of movement.

5. No significant property destruction as an expression of aggression.

6. No threats to leave the relationship (except for temporary “timeouts” to defuse a tense situation).

7. No pattern of extreme verbal put-downs, or character assassinations, or other humiliating acts.

8. No acts of infidelity or behaviors which suggest infidelity.

9. No pattern of lying or deception.

10. No pattern of abusing alcohol or drugs.

11. Boys/Girls Night Out should not coincide or interfere with any couple-related plans.

12. Both parties shall be honest at all times. Diplomacy is encouraged, but not to the exclusion of truth.

13. Both parties shall share expenses except for where previously designated. (Him paying off the car loans and her paying off the mortgage on the house)

14. Both parties shall have a review of short-term goals to ensure that each party is not sacrificing their goals for the sake of the relationship, but shall encourage each other in the pursuit of their respective goals.

15. Upon contract termination, both parties have the right to renew provided that the decision is mutual.



Gracie Max gets refreshed

29 Apr

“Mr. and Mrs. Fernando J. Max, welcome back to the HoneyPot!” – she was cute, clearly new.  Yet the way she would not look directly into my eyes disturbed me, as it always does.  After all, we spend good money here, and would like to be treated with respect.

“I would show you to your room.  Would you like a menu now, or have you already – oh! Oh! I am sorry, I see that you pre-ordered room service.   Unfortunately, you did not indicate time of arrival, so you may have a bit of a wait of approximately…”

“Never mind that, we can wait.”  Fern is always impatient with the new ones.  Which is strange because he is always gentle.

“Sweetie, what is wrong with that little idiot?  Isn’t eye contact a hallmark of customer service? Why must this planet descend into such mediocrity?  Really darling, it is indeed wearying.”

“I’m sorry hon.  but by the time we get upstairs, it would not really matter to us anymore.  We came to enjoy ourselves, and we will.”

“Of course darling, why should I spoil your night?  Let the good times start!” – and with that Fernando was good again.

(A couple hours later)

“Darling, I am not feeling this right now.”

“Do you want me to call and get this refreshed for you?”

“No babe, that’s just too much hassle for just my bad mood.  It isn’t their fault.”

“Well, I’m done and I still have some time on the clock.”

“Thanks but I don’t swing that way, and you know that.”

“I was just teasing you, my love.”

So while Fern and I lay in bed, we began to chat about some business that we had gotten from a similar company and discussing what we were going to do.

Fern tucked a lock of my hair back.  our position was a bit awkward and neither of us moved just basking in the moment.  Just then, there was a call from the room service and Fern answered.

“No, my wife wasn’t really in the mood for tonight’s fare.  She insists it’s her mood and doesn’t want to refresh…oh, complimentary…hahaha! Yes indeed!  That sounds marvellous actually.  Shall I speak with her on it and call you back?… Oh, certainly!  Thank you!”

“Darling, Gracie, they are sending up The Thriller Philler – no pun intended.”

“For why? I am fine!”

“You are fine for now.  However, with our schedule, you may not be back for quite some time.  Better lay back and let Phil take care of you now.”

“And what happens to you Fern?  You are done right now.”

“Darling! I haven’t been a spectator since we were poor!  This would be like the good old days!  Back when it was called ‘prostitution’, but after it was legalised!”

“Ok, only because I will be in Japan for your birthday and you sound rather excited about this.”  I wasn’t very happy, but for my Fern – anything.

“Oh goody darling!”

And then Phil knocked and came inside.

– ND

Copyright © 2012

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