Sebastian’s First Day

29 Jun

Sebastian Corbin felt strange.  The HoneyPot was nowhere near the 5-year career goal he had created for himself.  However, layoffs at the publicity firm caused him to have to seek unchartered possibilities.  Here he was in his first marketing meeting.  Rowan was in the process of trying to retire, but how could she really let her baby go?

Rowan stood up and immediately smartphones were turned off and all eyes snapped to her.  Sebastian had never seen such proof of power.  No, not power, respect.  Simple and elegant.  It was rumoured that it was because of her that an old bordello could become such a beacon of decadence.

“Kalian, could you give us a rundown of our customer survey?”

“Our numbers are essentially the same as last month’s.  We did get hit in a couple areas because of the conventions, however, the bulk of these complaints did state that they were ‘extremely satisfied’ with problem resolution from front-line staff.”

“That’s great.  Of course, our House Manager stated that they would be making extra efforts to have some part-time staff so that we can assist with the rush periods.”

“Yeah, that’s a promise he’s been making for years.” Roger was always whispering.  Sebastian did not dare look in his direction.  Neither did Rowan.  For her, it was the ultimate insult to deprive you of her precious attention.  As much as Sebastian hated her for it, he craved her eye contact.

“Zaid, anything from the comment cards?”

“Nothing out of the ordinary.  A guest stated that she really loves our lamps.  Mags in Reservations already emailed her the link.”

Sebastian made a little note of the link to check later.  Zaid noticed the new guy writing and decided to elaborate:

“Almost anything you like in one of our rooms, you can purchase online.  It doesn’t matter what it is: the bed, the lamp, clock, curtains, even our flooring is for sale.  I think the spa even sells our Aphrodisiac teas online.”

Sebastian was impressed.  He would have given a low whistle and was in the process of doing so when he stopped himself.  These people would surely smell his newbie blood in the water and eviscerate him with office politics.

Then the Event Director, Mr. Russell Thomas Dillon, had the floor:
“As usual, we have had an upswing in parties due to the upcoming wedding season.  The usual rash of bachelor parties are already being booked and quite the surge in bachelorette parties from last year. I have already sent the email with the event forecast for the quarter.”

Sebastian had seen the figures.  They were impressive.  He didn’t realise how much of The HoneyPot’s revenue came from events.  He was able to appear nonchalant.  It was clear to him that he had much more research to do.


After the meeting, Rowan called him to her office.  They sat on the low couch where he could see the water.

“You still have questions, don’t you?”

“You seem to be anticipating them quite well, too.”

“There really is very little difference in running a hotel, which is why I suggested the classes to you.  I forgot that you are a single father, though.  I spoke to corporate and they approved you for the online executive training.”

Sebastian was shocked.  No one ever suspected this woman of being pleasant.  When people introduced themselves in the cafeteria, they offered to pray that he survived his time with her.  She certainly did not appreciate slacking off, or shoddy work.  Neither did he, but she had quite a talent for surprises.  She then shooed him to go do some online training while she handled some paperwork.

The videos were rather boring, and he kept scoring the maximum points that he knew would impress no one.  He considered going for coffee, but he didn’t want to seem like a slacker on the first day.

Suddenly, a medium height man in a purple bathrobe with cream pyjamas walked into the lobby.  Sebastian had his hand on the security button, when he decided to man up.  It was a whorehouse after all.  This man was probably the head pimp or whatever when on in the ‘in room services’ division.

“Mr. Ironhouse!  Step into my office and make yourself comfortable!”

The man smiled and Sebastian was shocked.  Dipping into your own merchandise? Shocking!  Although prostitution was legal and widespread, the more bourgeois of society such as himself simply did not condone such lascivious behaviours!  He could not resist peeking through the glass to the side of the door.  Horny bitch didn’t even have the decency to pull the blinds for her midmorning tumble!

The sight that greeted his eyes shocked him almost senseless.  Rowan was on the computer showing something to Mr. Ironside or whatever his name was.  He was making notes in a spiral notebook.  Sebastian decided it was time for some coffee after all.  His low-class, judgemental mind needed a break.

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