The Pickup

14 Jun

Kai stretched in the car.  Most likely he was working late.  To be fair, she hadn’t even told him that she was picking him up, so she sent him a text.  She also hoped that he had not hooked up with a female co-worker.  That was exactly how Debbie wormed her way into his heart.

To be fair to Debbie, Phil was unstoppable with the ladies.  He was a lovable mix of domestic skills with enough machismo to choke a football team.  He was the tiniest centre to ever grace a basketball court.  She smiled and stretched again.

She had already made up her mind that she was not going to tell him about her ex harassing her.  Even though she initiated the breakup, she still felt like a failure.  And with him harassing her, she felt like if she couldn’t even manage a breakup properly.

Phil hated him.  He often said if any of his women were half of Kai, he would have been a married man.  Kai laughed.  She often wondered what she had done wrong.  After all, it was in her nature to analyse situations to figure out right from wrong.  It was the only way to learn from experience.

In the aftermath of the breakup, she and Phil had become inseparable.  Even Debbie was sympathetic.  As a matter of fact. Debbie wanted to kill him.  Debbie and Phil on the other hand…

Then came a knock on the front passenger side.

“Kai, ‘sup?”

“Nun.  Couldn’t sleep, so I went driving.  When I realised I was close by, I decided to pick you up.”

“Do you want me to drive?”  He was always offering to help her out.

“Nah, I can take you home.”

“Stay the night, okay? Mom cleaned the guest room today.  So you can spend the night.”

“No clothes for work tomorrow.”

“Oh please, between Mom and Debbie, I can probably improve your wardrobe.”

“I don’t dress that bad!”

“Not for a boy.”

And on and on they went.  As a matter of fact, she never got to tell him that her ex was harassing her again.  Around Phil, problems like that didn’t matter.

Copyright © 2012


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