Symphony of Bodies

8 Jun

An old poem to entertain while I slay the Procrastinator!


Movement I:

Adagio: Slow intro in continuously developing form
Let’s get in tune…
Place your lips against mine
And let us sing a song with no lyrics
In perfect harmony
For where your tongue leads…
Mine joyously follows
Your hands conduct and my body is the instrument of your passion…

Movement II:
Allegro: Fast movement in sonata
Our clothes fly like the notes of a violin
And the bed is too far away
So the floor is our stage
The full moon peeking through the curtain is our spotlight
And on and on we sing,
Now accompanied by trumpets
Me soprano, you baritone.
For apart, we are two voices…
…Together we are one song.

Movement III:
Minuet: Moderately fast movement in two-part forms
The melody of our song with no words
Driven by the unified percussion of our our hearts
And the rhythm intensifies till my entire body arches
To catch even the gentlest tones of the harp
You play with my heart strings and I quiver with each touch…

Movement IV:
Presto: Fast movement in sonata in a tonic or basic key.
Here we maintain a flame so hot it burns our very souls
But our spirits keep the beat up
Turning the heat up
Playing louder,
Harder…Until at the end
It is just the duet of our breaths
Bodies beaded with the sweat of each other
The only jewelery we will need tonight
For this, the grandest performance of our lives.

© Copyright 2008 Nichola Dinnoo


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