4 Jun

He had failed in his mission.  He was supposed to ask Mr. Fernando Max to read his proposal and get his feedback.  So what if he wasn’t Mr. Max’s niche industry?  He just knew that he was the right person to be a part of his new plan.

Nasia nestled closer to him.  Him being awake was messing up her sleep patterns.  He needed to lie down asap.  He woke her up just for her to fall asleep again with her head on his diaphragm.  Having trouble breathing, he was able to eventually manoeuvre her to his shoulder.  She lay curled up and he knew she wasn’t going to budge.

He should have just walked up to him and spoken.  Fernando Max’s arrogance was legendary. But he appreciated boldness. He was quite certain that his ego would have been tickled by the concept of mentoring him

He also knew that his thinking was wrong. He needed the help. And he needed to ask for it. Nasia woke up next to him. She asked him if he spoke to Fernando Max.

“Chickened out. I don’t know what why though.”

“We ‘ll talk to him soon though. Big things are going to happen for you soon babe. ”

And then she fell asleep. Nasia was his perfect woman. He remembered their whirlwind romance.  And he remembered discovering the scars. She looked so badass he didn’t ask for fear that it would turn out to be the worst case scenario. It was months before she would tell him. He would ask for answers and she would leave the room. If he tried to speak to her on the phone, she would hang up.  It was the mitigating factor in moving back home.

It was the abuse.  After the controlling and manipulating, followed by physical assault, it was just the breath of fresh air that she needed.  She was afraid of him though.  It was not knowing where the next blow was coming from that was draining her.

He knew all this now…but so much time was wasted because she didn’t want to insult him.  He remembered kissing the still-raw scars although she could barely feel the kisses.  He remembered the nightmares.  She was a broken woman determined to heal on her own strength.  He was determined that his strength be hers.

It was a rainy Saturday morning when the text came.  He went outside to see her dripping wet outside his front door.  And the sweetest words he ever heard come out of her mouth:

“I need to tell you something.”

Copyright © 2012


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