18 May

It was a pleasant affair.  The sound of glasses clinking in the air and everyone was air kissing.  Phil didn’t come.  Samantha, disappointed, looked around and then went over to her rental.  She took his arm and smiled.  This one, Don, was good at conversation.  She just hoped that Phil wasn’t with that Kai person.  Kai was a tomboy, for crying out loud.

Don touched her face with the edge of his glass.  The chill brought her back to the room.  He turned back to his conversation.  It was then that she realised that he was speaking to Mrs. Gracie Max.  Her mouth dried up when she realised that she was in the presence of Fashion Royalty.  She felt rather out of place with her twice-worn dress and roadside pearls.

Mrs. Max was clearly sizing up her rental.  She did not want to leave alone tonight.  First Phil, and now Don.  Mrs. Max’s appetite was legendary at the HoneyPot.  However, corporate policy dictated client confidentiality.  She sighed.

“You are cute, but something tells me I have seen you before.  Tell me what you are wearing, darling.”

Now Samantha wished for death.  To enumerate: One, her date was all starry eyed over Mrs. Max.  Two, she knew she had worn that dress in public.  Three, she bought her pearl necklace from a guy who puts together beads on a Saturday morning in the market.  Four, Mrs. Max asked her what she was wearing.

“It is my new favourite dress.  My friend made this for me in class.  I wore it already, but I…”

“You know what tires me about people? Just because I made a killing in the fashion industry doesn’t mean that I am not human.  A great garment becomes a favourite, and you purposefully make sure that you are in a situation to wear it over and over again.  Why should you apologise?  Tell your friend to give me a call sometime.  Just take it off the HoneyPot records.  I would love to put this into production!  Anyhow darlings, let me get back to my husband.  I don’t want to disturb him with that angel he just snagged, but he has a flight to catch.”

Samantha was speechless.

Dominic watched Mr. and Mrs. Max from across the room.  His eyes were on them all day.  He left Nasia with her books at home.  He had his questions for Mr. Max.  For example, how did he become the standard for manliness while looking like a spider monkey and having a wife that publicly called him ‘Fern’?  How did he get someone as fiercely independent as Grace to marry him?  Was marriage worth the effort, or should he remain with medium-term contracts?  Would Mr. Max be so gracious as to look at his proposal for a business venture that needs investors?

Copyright © 2012


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