The Relationship Contract

30 Apr


We agree to be respectful of each others rights and duly agree to commit to this contract for a period of five (5) years:

1. No incidents of direct physical abuse or violence.

2. No direct or implied threats of physical abuse or violence (to self, other, or property).

3. No direct or implied threats to behave in a way that would be extremely harmful to the other person (such as exposing personal secrets).

4. No physical restrictions on either party’s freedom of movement.

5. No significant property destruction as an expression of aggression.

6. No threats to leave the relationship (except for temporary “timeouts” to defuse a tense situation).

7. No pattern of extreme verbal put-downs, or character assassinations, or other humiliating acts.

8. No acts of infidelity or behaviors which suggest infidelity.

9. No pattern of lying or deception.

10. No pattern of abusing alcohol or drugs.

11. Boys/Girls Night Out should not coincide or interfere with any couple-related plans.

12. Both parties shall be honest at all times. Diplomacy is encouraged, but not to the exclusion of truth.

13. Both parties shall share expenses except for where previously designated. (Him paying off the car loans and her paying off the mortgage on the house)

14. Both parties shall have a review of short-term goals to ensure that each party is not sacrificing their goals for the sake of the relationship, but shall encourage each other in the pursuit of their respective goals.

15. Upon contract termination, both parties have the right to renew provided that the decision is mutual.




One Response to “The Relationship Contract”

  1. Tracy j H April 30, 2012 at 12:08 PM #

    this makes me happy. a 5 yr contract. so awesomely clever.

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